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Driveway Paving in Columbus

A beautiful new driveway can lift the spirits of any home or business owner – and their visitors and customers. Giving your customers and guests a nice place to park is a very considerate thing to do. It’s also very impressive when you have a spanking new driveway out front. Whenever I see something like that, I always comment on the owner being proactive with their property maintenance. You can probably guess that the comment changes when I come face to face with a driveway that’s not so well-kept. Give a good first impression by getting your driveway resurfaced!

A full on repair can be a daunting and expensive task for an owner of a home or commercial property. It takes a lot of effort, time and money to restore the look of really worn down pavers. Our top Columbus paver company has an alternative – get your driveway resurfaced! That’s like putting a layer of perfect pavers to cover up your old ones, like painting over an old pant coat on the wall.

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Paver Repair in Columbus

Columbus Driveway Paver Resurfacing

To begin our driveway resurfacing process, our licensed Columbus, OH paving contractors will first thoroughly clean your driveway from top to bottom. Any good paver company knows that cleaning is a very important step in the resurfacing process. We have a top-quality surfactant that will act like glue to bond your top layer pavers onto your old ones. For the solution to bond properly and seamlessly, it needs to be applied to a clean and dry surface. Only once the driveway is completely spic and span can we move on to the next part of the resurfacing job. If a paver company tries to skip this step in order to save time, do not be surprised if your ‘new’ driveway shows its true colors too quickly. When you trust expert driveway resurfacing contractors to do the job for you, no one will ever suspect that you’re beautiful new driveway is a stick-on.

Driveway Paver Repair in Columbus, Ohio

When our paver company applies the surfactant and installs your new brick, travertine, cobblestone, old Chicago pavers, concrete, granite or other resurfacing pavers, the job isn’t done yet. You’re not going to just walk and drive on your pavers right after. Our surfactant solution requires at least twenty-four hours of undisturbed bonding time in order for everything to stick properly. Other than your car, there are some other elements that are out of human control that can disturb your driveway during this time. Namely, the weather. Rain and wind and other harsh types of weather can ruin everything our paving contractors carefully worked to accomplish on your driveway. Our professional paving team is the best in Columbus because we pay attention to every factor of our five star driveway resurfacing service. We always monitor the weather for 48 hours of clear conditions before we get started.

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